PlayStation VR Price Announced, Coming Later This Year

It’s been a long time coming but Sony has finally revealed how much you’ll be paying for the PlayStation VR headset when it releases later on this year.

Sony made the announcement at this year’s GDC and caused quite a stir in doing so. As expected, the PlayStation VR will cost significantly less than the rival headsets on the market (Oculus, HTC Vive) but it’ll still set you a back a cool $399/£349 in North America and the UK, respectively. The platform holder also announced when we’ll be stuffing our heads into the pricey headset: October 2016.

It’s a little later than previously expected, but at least it’s coming this year and not the next. Sony stated that there are over 200 developers actively working on games for the peripheral and that around 50 will be available during the headset’s launch window.

For those looking to get their hands (and heads, haw haw) on a PlayStation VR headset, you can place your order with Amazon as the online retailer is still carrying stock for the hotly anticipated head gear.

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