Question Time: Always Online Console – Good or Bad?

shrutequestionWe’ve been hearing a lot of rumours over the last few months about Microsoft’s Next Xbox, one of the predominant rumours being that the console will require an “always on” connection to function.

While this rumour may or may not be true, or may be true up until a point, it does beg the question; what do gamers want? Do you want a console that is always online? Would the always on feature make you feel safer when you play online, or would it be a bit too intrusive? Can you see any point to an always online device? Our smartphones, laptop, PC’s, iPads, tablets and a whole host of devices are always online, so why is it a bad thing to have our consoles go the same way?

So, what do you think?

Readers comments:

Torstein Aakvag (Facebook) – Bad not everyone have (sic) stable 24/7 online access.

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