Retailer – “We wont be able to fulfill Wii U pre-orders”

According to CVG, their will only be 25,000 Wii U consoles available come launch day in the UK.

One retail group told CVG that they won’t be able to fulfill all of their pre-orders due to the shortage in supply.

Another source from another retail chain in the UK said they were expecting “anything between 75,000 and 100,000 units during the launch period”.

“What we don’t know is whether this allocation will arrive on day one or be distributed across a number of weeks,” he said.

This is worrying news for those who have already ponied up the cash in the promise of getting their hands on the Wii U on the day of its release.

Hopefully something will be done before November 30th, the European release date, or else Nintendo will face some harsh criticism, along with the retailers who fail to deliver the goods.

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