Rumour: Second Image Of PS4 Controller Appears Online

ps4 game padOnly today we reported about the first image of the PS4 controller appearing online, and now another one has surfaced!

This one comes thanks to the forums over at Games Trailers and certainly appears to be genuine, just from a different angle.

What should be noted is that this angle shows off some sort of input port at the bottom of the controller, possibly for a headphone/microphone to be plugged in, similar to the one on the Xbox 360’s controller.

In addition to a touchpad and input jack, there seems to be a small speaker built into the controller just underneath the touch pad. Whether this will be used much is left to be seen, though hopefully it’ll provide better sound quality than the speakers on the Nintendo Wii’s Nunchuck controllers.

Check out the new image down below.

ps4 controller

Personally, I reckon this new PS4 controller could be one of the finest we ever out our grubby mitts on. A lot of people have been asking what the touchpad will be used for, and my guess would be for input during games and maybe even to use with the inevitable built-in browser, allowing you to use the touchpad like a mouse pad on a laptop. It’d certainly be a lot easier to use than dragging a cursor across the screen with the analogue sticks…

Still, we’ve no idea about the back-end of the controller, so the design of the rear triggers and whether there’s anything else hidden on the back-end remains a mystery. Still, all will be revealed next week. Only five days to go!

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What are your thoughts on the new PS4 controller? Cool? Too big? Let us know in the comments below.

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