Rumour: Xbox Durango Won’t Support Disc Play, Possibly Blocking Used Games

next-xbox-durangoRumours be flying like flies around dung at the moment, and the latest rumours is sure to spark some interesting debates across the internet.

According to VGLeaks, discs will be a one time thing with the next-Xbox console. A document on the VGLeaks website states that the console won’t need the original disc to play, as all games will be installed to the consoles hard drive which can “hold a large number of games.” Just how large an amount that is remains to be seen.

Also stated in the document is that the console will “always maintain a network connection” as well as “Always on, Always Connected” which sounds like a constant internet connection will be required, though it’s not confirmed at this point.

The uses for an always on feature range from the simple things like downloading updates in the background or whilst the console is on standby, or worse, to block the use of pre-owned games. It’s a scary though for those who are planning to get the next-Xbox, but again, it’s not confirmed and at this time we’re classifying this as a rumour, so it should be treated as such.

Though, it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility and many would agree in saying that it wouldn’t be unlike Microsoft to kill off used games, but on the other hand Microsoft’s closest rival Sony recently revealed the PlayStation 4 and confirmed that it will play pre-owned discs. If Microsoft truly do block off used games, it might work in their favour in getting more games sold brand new at retail or via Xbox Live, but it could also end up losing them customers who can’t afford the outlandish prices of games these days and rely on price-cuts and the ability to trade in their old games.

Hopefully we’ll get more information when Microsoft finally decide to show off their next-Xbox console, until then, take everything with a pinch of salt and remember that it’s all rumour at the moment.

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What do you think? Is this rumour likely? Or do you think it’s bogus? Either way, let us know down below.


Source: VGLeaks

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