Star Wars Battlefront Beta: You Can Play It on Your PS Vita, If You Don’t Mind Crap Controls

The Star Wars Battlefront beta has released across the lands, though whether everyone is enjoying it or not is another question, and no, we’re not answering that one today.

What we can tell you is that you can play the beta on your PS Vita using remote play, a feature that gives the portable console more relevance than it would have without it.

So, how well does it play on the Vita? Honestly – it’s crap. It looks great, though, but the lack of forward-thinking control options for the PS Vita make it a barely playable experience. That being said, we’re not going in too hard on DICE; the developer did a fine job with getting Battlefield 4 to work nicely using the Vita’s input methods, so we’re confident that in the full release of the game we’ll see more or less the same kind of setup. For the time being, you’ll have to make do with tapping that godawful touchpad on the back of the unit for your triggers and thumbsticks.

You could always give it a go using your phone, should you own one that supports remote play. Officially, only the Sony Xperia line of smartphones are supposed to work (great with a DualShock 4, too) but if you do a quick search on the interwebs you’ll find out how to get it on your Android device easy enough.

We’ve got a short video down below showing off the game on the PS Vita. The footage is amateur in every sense of the word, but it was knocked together in the only five quiet minutes that this keyboard fingerer will get this evening. Pew, pew!

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