Video: Developer Walkthrough of New Total War: Warhammer Trailer

As Creative Assembly promised, it has delivered us another look at Total War: Warhammer in a new trailer narrated by a smooth voiced British man – classy. It once again focuses on a battle between the Empire and the Greenskins. You can see the full video down below at the very bottom of the article.

Again, CA takes the right path and leads off the video by making sure to let fans know what’s going on as well as showcasing the game and the alpha work in progress – quite a scripted one, too. Don’t be fooled though as this is not a gameplay trailer but more like an extended unit and mechanics showcase.

As things stand, the game seems to be coming along very well. The unit designs are already looking snazzy and there’s a wide range of them in the two armies we were presented with in the video. The armies are stated to have late game units (not really much of a surprise) but who didn’t want to see a giant getting shellacked by a horse-drawn megalaser powered by magic?

It’s delightful to see CA being very upfront about the different issues the team is having and what is being worked on in regards to game mechanics and what we can expect to see in terms of the tech being used.

The only concerns at the moment are the battle changing powers of magic and the sheer diversity of units. CA actually briefly discusses how they do not want magic to be overpowered and are currently working with a system in which players have a limited amount of magic to draw on that (hopefully slowly) regenerates. The other issue is a double-edged sword. It is great to see such diverse unit rosters, which is to be expected, and this is the first Total War game that has flying units. However, it is apparent from the video that balancing could be a huge issue. This can usually be overcome in single player campaigns but if there is to be any serious multiplayer that’ll keep people coming back for more, CA will have to pay very close attention to balancing issues and be willing to put the work in so it doesn’t become a spam fest where players only use the strongest units and factions. It’d be a little boring, wouldn’t it? Sort of how you see everyone and their mother using Barcelona and Real Madrid in FIFA. Snoooooooze.

Overall the game does seem to be coming together quite well, though we’re more interested in seeing some actual gameplay that hasn’t been heavily scripted.

We’ve only covered a few things from the video, so it’s best that you sit back with a brew and enjoy the video. Not too much, though. Too much enjoyment leads to sin. Apparently…

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