Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Use Photo Mode

disney dreamlight valley photo mode

This guide explains how to use Photo Mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As you may know, Photo Mode has become a common feature that most new titles provide as it serves as a free promotion when players take and share pictures from games on social platforms. The colourful and mesmerizing Dream Valley filled with iconic Disney characters offered in Gameloft’s Disney Dreamlight Valley is perfect for taking a ton of pictures to boast your life sim experience. Continue reading on how to use Photo Mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as it explains everything you need to know about the Photo Mode offered in the game. 

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How To Use Photo Mode In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can use the Photo Mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley right after entering the Dream Valley when you get your first quest, “The Royale Tools,” from Merlin. You can access the Photo Mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley via the Quick Menu that you can open by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. Depending on the platform, you must press a different key.

So to generalize things, look at the bottom right side of the game screen, and it will show the key you must press to open the quick menu. Once you are there, select the Camera option. Now that you have the Camera equipped, you must press the respective key to enter Photo Mode. Once again, on PC, it’s the Right Mouse button. For other platforms! You can check the bottom left corner of the game screen. And it will show you the exact key you must press to enter Photo Mode. 

Once you are in Photo Mode, you will see three options on the top left side of the photo frame. The first option will allow you to take Selfies in different poses. The second option will let you take full body pictures, and the last option will allow you to take pictures from a 3rd Person’s perspective. 

You can use the Camera icon on the right side of the frame to take pictures. Once you take a photo, a download button will appear to save the taken photo. 

How To Take Photo With NPCs In Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you want to take great selfies in Disney Dreamlight Valley with some of the most iconic Disney characters, we recommend you use Photo Mode’s Selfie option when there are any NPCs nearby. If you enter Selfie mode near any NPC, they will join you and give different pose that enhances the Photo Mode experience. 

That is it. This concludes our guide on how to use Photo Mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more Disney Dreamlight Valley guides, be sure to keep reading The Games Cabin.

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