News: Final Fantasy IV Coming To iOS & Android

final fantasy iv ios androidSome big news for Final Fantasy fans, Final Fantasy IV is coming to iOS and Android devices, according to an advert on iTunes and a posting by a user over at NeoGaf.

For fans of the Final Fantasy series, I’ve no doubt that this will be another welcome addition to your app collection and will be a battery drainer for sure.

According to the user on NeoGaf, the re-make will be making its way onto iOS devices on December 2oth, and will feature higher quality sounds than the original and more than one difficulty to accommodate those that are new to the series.

Although, it’s not all good, there is a bit of bad news for users of Android powered devices. Apparently Final Fantasy IV won’t be available for Android until sometime in 2013. This is yet to be confirmed officially, but it does always seem to be the case for big releases across the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play equivalent.

One thing that should be noted, it will probably cost more than it would to get it for your PSP or Nintendo DS. As is typical with Square Enix mobile releases, I can see this being priced in line with prior releases. So just keep that in mind before you rush to buy it.

It seems that re-releasing old classics is becoming a common theme, yesterday we reported that the original Spyro will be available as a PSOne Classic for Playstation 3 and PS Vita, and now Final Fantasy IV for iOS and Android. What next? Personally, I would love to see some Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 come available as a PSOne Classic.

Will you be buying this? What classic game would you like to see re-released? Let us know in the comments.

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