News: Microsoft Will “Respect” Minecraft, Community Will Be Able To Try Out New Titles Early

After Microsoft’s deal to purchase Minecraft creator Mojang, many fans were left fearing the worst, assuming that Microsoft would butcher the beloved franchise.

That’s not the case though, according to Mojang COO Vu Bui who recently spoke with BBC news correspondents.

“Nothing’s really changing,” said Mr Bui. ” We have no plans on anything changing and, of course, I can’t talk about the deal and I don’t know everything but we’re still here, the game’s still here and it’s business as usual.”

According to Bui, the company intends to keep Minecraft running as it is, allowing players to know of upcoming features that will be added to the game long before they release as well as giving fans the chance to test out new games as they are developed.

Microsoft buying Mojang was a big deal back when it was announced last month, but the heat has died down since with most people accepting the fact that Microsoft will do nothing to harm its precious community, the same community that made the popular game a world-wide success.

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via BBC

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