News: Nvidia Claims GTX980M & GTX970M As Powerful As Desktops

Nvidia claims the GTX980M and GTX970M offer around 75% of the performance of their desktop equivalent.  They also claim the chips will greatly improve battery life while gaming.
Following the launch of the massively powerful desktop GTX980 and GTX970 GPU’s  Nvidia have followed these beasts up with laptop versions of these chips. The company claims that these new laptop versions will offer around 70-80% of the power of their desktop versions even though they’re laptop equivalents.  
They also claim that the GTX980M & GTX970 are twice as powerful as GTX 680M and will enable games to be played at ultra settings at 1440p resolution. Which is no small feat.
The 980M & 970M are both based on Maxwell architecture which features all the same settings Nvidia used to debunk the moon landing last month. As well as significantly increasing performance with laptop GPU. Nvidia also claim that battery life will be drastically increased because of their new Battery Boost software which will allow you with a single click to optimise your battery life for your video game. They claim battery life with this new feature will increase by around 40%.
The chip has been released today in some laptops, one of which will be the new Asus G751 although pricing has yet to be announced, though I’d expect they’ll be at the £1200-£1500 price range if not more.
What do you think? Do you need extreme gaming on the go or would you rather you did your gaming on a desktop? Let us know down in the comments section below.
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