Best EV Training Spots In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

EV training in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is quite simple if you know the best EV training spots. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet give players the opportunity to maximise the power of their Pokemon with EV training. The best way to get the most from your EV training is to find an EV training spot that suits your needs. Here is everything you need to know to find the best EV training spots in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet EV Training: Preparation

pokemon scarlet and violet EV spots

Before you can head out to do some EV training, there are some things you should do first to make your life easier. First and foremost, you need powerful Pokemon that you have either already trained or have no intention to train. The point is you need a Pokemon with EVs that you don’t need to worry about. This Pokemon will be the lead Pokemon that you will battle with, hence why it needs to be powerful. Beyond that, you can load up your party with up to five Pokemon that you wish to train.

You can only train one EV at a time, so be sure that any Pokemon in your party are Pokemon you want to train in the same EV. Also, be sure to equip any Pokemon you are training with the appropriate power item. Power items can be bought at Delibird Presents for 10,000 each, and each one is relevant to a specific stat. The power items work as follows:

Power ItemRelated Stat
Power BracerAttack
Power BeltDefense
Power LensSpecial Attack
Power BandSpecial Defense
Power WeightHP
Power AnkletSpeed

Be sure to buy and equip the relevant power item to each Pokemon you want to EV train. There are other items, such as vitamins and feathers that can be consumed to increase EVs, but these are not very cost effective. The best way is to prepare properly, then go do the work. It doesn’t take long if you go to the right EV training spots.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet EV Training: Training Spots

pokemon scarlet and violet EV spots

EV training spots are not quite as formal a thing as they sound, they are not specific places so much as they are anywhere that specific Pokemon appear. Pokemon gain EVs when you catch or defeat wild Pokemon, and which EV they get is determined by the Pokemon you battled. These battles only grant one or two EV points per battle, which is why we need to power items.

To train up HP EVs, head to North Province (Area Three), and the area outside of the Team Star base. Here you can find Chansey, who grants 2 HP Evs per defeat. To make sure we find plenty of them, make a Ham Sandwich at your picnic to increase your Normal-type Encounter Power. Then, with a powerful Pokemon that can defeat multiple Chanseys, and a party full of Pokemon with the Power Weight item equipped, go defeat wild Chansey’s until your Pokemon all have maximum HP EVs. You can check by going to their Summary, going over to Moves and Stats, and then press L to switch the graph view. Any stat that has stars around it is a maxed-out EV.

The exact same method can be applied to other wild Pokemon to train up other EV stats. For Attack EVs, Shinx is a decent candidate that doesn’t grant as many EVs but can be found in great numbers just east of Mesagoza. Make an avocado sandwich to get Electric Encounter Power, and equip the Power Bracer to the Pokemon you want to train. For Defense EVs, head to East Province (Area Three) and seek out Rolycoly and Carkoal in the mine areas. Make yourself a Great BLT Sandwich and equip a Power Belt to boost your defense.

You get the idea, for each EV you want to go to an area where specific Pokemon appear, use a sandwich to increase their encounter rate, equip the relevant power item, and then defeat as many as you need to in order to max out your EVs. Below is a table that gives more Pokemon and locations to seek out for each EV type.

AttackFlamigoSouth Province (Area One) – East of the area, near the lakesEgg Sandwich
DefenseCarkoal/RolycolyEast Province (Area Three) – Around the minesGreat BLT Sandwich
Special AttackGolduckCasseroya Lake – Found all around, but particularly in the southwest corner, between the lake and the riverZesty/Vegetable Sandwich
Special DefenseAlteria/SwabluCasseroya Lake – South shore of the lakeHamburger Patty Sandwich
HPChanseyNorth Province (Area Three) – Near Team Star baseHam Sandwich
SpeedKilwatrell/WatrellSmall island off the east coast, southeast of LavenciaAvocado

With these Pokemon in these locations, you can systematically train your Pokemon to be the very best they can be. Now, should you decide to train up a Pokemon and discover it already has a lot of EVs in a stat you don’t want, you can use certain berries to lower specific stats. Check your berries to find the ones you need. Otherwise, that is it for training EVs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Hopefully, these EV training spots will help you get the Pokemon team of your dreams.

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