Best Garchomp Build: Pokemon Unite 2022

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Garchomp is a terrifying Gen 4 pseudo-Legendary that terrorised entire teams on Cynthia’s Elite 4 team in its debut game. Its power is monstrous to this day, and Pokemon Unite is no different. This classic all-rounded packs a fierce punch, with the durability to survive skirmishes. Pair this Pokemon with a frail Attacker or Speedster and you’ll have an offence-heavy unit with decent mobility around the map.

But just because Garchomp is good in all areas doesn’t mean it’s easy to play. You’ll need the right strategy, skills, items and moveset to truly shine as a Garchomp main. We’ve put together this guide to help you be the very best, like no-one ever was.

Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems Loadout

Garchomp best build Pokemon Unite

For the optimal Garchomp build, you should look to load up on seven Red Boost Emblems to maximise your moves’ Attack damage. You’re then free to pick any three Emblems to boost critical-hit rate. Paired with the items we recommend, Garchomp will be transformed into a late-game critical-hit monster.

Your free negative stats to play with are:

• Special Attack
• Movement Speed

It’s recommended to take the jungle due to its high EXP yield. The first evolution, Gible, is a late bloomer, evolving into Gabite at level six and Garchomp at level 10. But don’t forget – if you take Jungle you need to support the laners!

Best Item Build for Garchomp

The key to running the best Garchomp build is to maximise your attack and critical-hit rate. An X Attack as your battle item will give you an extra boost, perfect for chasing down the opposition. However, if you’d rather play defensively, an Eject Button is a great choice to manoeuvre into a better angle for attacks, or to escape if ambushed.

The best battle items to equip for Garchomp are the Muscle Band and Focus Band to boost attacks, and a Scope Lens to increase critical-hit rate.

Best Moveset for Garchomp

Garchomp best build Pokemon Unite

Garchomp’s standard moves are Sand Attack, Bulldoze, Dig, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, and Earthquake. We recommend going for Dragon Rush and Earthquake. Your first set of moves doesn’t really matter, as you’ll be replacing them soon enough. However, for your second set of moves, we recommend using Dragon Claw and Earthquake. Dragon Rush gives you an extra push of mobility to help you get out of sticky situations, whilst Earthquake can deal high Area of Effect (AoE) damage. Get a critical hit, and your enemies will be retreating in no time.

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