Feature: Predictions For 2015: New Nintendo Console, PS Vita’s Rising & Syphon Filter

2014 is still pretty fresh in our minds – we’re still dating cheques with 2014 – but 2015 looks set to be a formidable year in gaming.


Rumour has it that Nintendo are readying up to release a new console in 2016 with AMD providing chipsets that will truly bring Nintendo into the next-generation.

Our prediction:

Nintendo will show something off later this year, most likely after E3. E3 will be where Nintendo shows off yet another revision of the 3DS and some new games to look forward to come the Christmas season. Nintendo’s new console will release May/June 2016 with greater third-party support and Nintendo fans will rejoice.


The PS Vita has once again had a pretty poor year. Sales haven’t been amazing, though they’ve definitely improved since the release of the PS4. Games are the biggest issue, or the lack of. The Vita does have games, it just doesn’t have that many AAA’s that are truly PS Vita exclusive.

Our prediction:

PS Vita will get a second wind (or is it third?) with a brand new game from Sony Bend. Yes. A first-party exclusive. Sort of. Chances are more likely that it’ll be across both the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4.

We’ve previously reported that Sony Bend are working on something and the popular opinion is that Sony Bend will be reviving the Syphon Filter series with a version being made for the PS Vita. Sort of makes sense really, one seemingly dead franchise reviving a seemingly dead console. Poetic.


Then there’s the third-party content. Expect a GTA at some point. Our bet is GTA V: Los Santos City Stories, worst case scenario is we get a port of GTA: San Andreas – something that looks incredibly possible.


It’s well-known that Treyarch are working on the next Call of Duty that’s set to release later this year.

Our prediction:

This years Call of Duty will take a leap backwards in time, possibly back to the Theater of War with a World War II setting. It’s hard to imagine how Treyarch could go back to the time period; they basically let us play out the end of the war. Still, there’s a massive outcry for a return to the simpler times of WWII – some people just don’t like the futuristic settings of Black Ops and its sequel.

Also, the last Call of Duty to release across multiple-generations of console, all further installments to be PS4/Xbox One and PC only.

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