Temtem Tier List: Best Of Each Type

A luma Tateru, which has the highest base stat total on the Temtem tier list.
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A Temtem tier list is a useful tool for anyone trying to navigate the Airborne Archipelago for the first time. While there are several different characteristics that can determine a creature’s usefulness in Temtem, including its available techniques and Traits, this guide will particularly look at each Temtem’s base stat total. Here’s a tier list of the best Temtem of every type on the Temtem type chart.

Temtem Tier List: Neutral, Nature, Wind, And Water

Loali in Temtem

With a 488 base stat total, Tateru has not only the best stats of every Neutral-type, but the best stats of every Temtem in the game. As one of the few Temtem available in the game’s earliest areas, this makes it a valuable catch for any tamer starting their journey.

Another early-route Temtem, Loali, boasts a 485 base stat total. This makes it the strongest of all Nature-type and Wind-type Temtem. While players won’t actually find Loali in the wild until later on, its pre-evolved form, Swali, is available on the first route. Swali then evolves into Loali after eight levels, which should happen fairly quickly.

Meanwhile, there is a tie for the best Water-type on the Temtem tier list. Both the monotype Oceara and the Water/Wind-type Wiplump boast a base stat total of 481. Oceara is largely carried by its sky-high Special Attack and Special Defense stats, whereas Wiplump is a bit more well-rounded, albeit with a similarly high Special Attack stat.

Temtem Tier List: Crystal, Earth, Fire, And Toxic

Zenoreth in Temtem

Venturing out of the 480s, Zenoreth leads the Crystal-type Temtem with a 478 base stat total. Since it has similar Attack and Special Attack, Zenoreth can function as a mixed attacker, allowing it to take advantage of powerful same-type-attack-bonus moves like the physical Crystal Bite and the special Crystal Spikes.

The dual-type Vulcrane has a base stat total of 473, making it the strongest Temtem of both the Earth and Fire types. While it has the lowest Special Defense of all fully-evolved Temtem, Vulcrane makes up for it with high numbers in all of its other stats.

After a fairly big leap in base stat total, the Temtem tier list arrives at Akranox. With a 464 base stat total, it is the best Toxic-type. While its Stamina stat is mediocre, Akranox otherwise has decently-high stats all around.

Temtem Tier List: Electric, Digital, Melee, and Mental

A regular and luma Pocus in battle in Temtem.

With a 461 base stat total, 0b10 is the highest-ranked monster on the Temtem tier list for both the Electric and Digital types. 0b10 is notably a helpful support Temtem because its signature Trait, Source Replicator, allows it to steal positive status conditions from its enemies and apply those status conditions to its allies.

The best Melee-type, Tutsu, also clocks in with a 461 base stat total. This makes it a worthwhile pick over Tuwai’s other five possible evolutions. Tutsu’s standout characteristic is its high Speed stat, which couples well with its solid Attack to make it a formidable glass cannon.

Finally, the worst of the best is the Mental-type Pocus, which has a still-impressive base stat total of 460. Although it is quite frail, Pocus still benefits from its high Special Attack and Speed stats, making it a solid offensive threat.

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