5 More Most Desired Features from Beta Testers in New World

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Welcome to the follow up of our first post, 4 Most Desired Features/Changes from Beta Testers in New World:

Feedback and statistics from the first post were so great that we decided to make a Part Two. Here we cover even more topics that players are discussing and asking for. We’ve picked topics here that both are being talked about the most, and that we mostly agree with, unless otherwise stated.

Faction Upgrade Quests More Visible in New world

Many players are hitting the first cap to their reputation with their faction (3,000) and not knowing what to do next. They keep doing quests but can’t earn any more reputation. The game currently does not help or guide you to where you need to go to upgrade to the 2nd rank. Players ask in help quite often how to unlock Gladiator faction rank in New World.

In Beta state for example, to promote to Gladiator in the Marauders, you need to travel to Cutlass Keys, a region on the south-west corner of the map. You can travel to the settlement and pick up the Trial of the Gladiator at the Marauder faction rep there. This quest only shows up with a yellow indicator, the same as any other side quests, so many players miss it and can’t figure out what to do next.

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The quest then takes you to the region just north of Cutlass Keys, Monarch’s Bluffs. Follow this questline in New World to increase your ranking and reputation with your faction. Doing so will unlock the next rank and allow you to purchase new and better rewards from your faction.

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These reputation rank quests need to be redesigned to have a different icon, perhaps the same color as your faction, to differentiate and make it obvious where to do. Amazon Games should also have your faction leaders create dialog with you each time you talk to them to suggest that you go complete your rank quest.

More Diverse Enemies To Kill

Throughout the game, almost all enemies fit into a small set of types. These include skeletons, pirates, withered, ghosts, and corrupted. Other than these categories, you have animals like lynx, bears, wolves, wolves, wolves, and more wolves.

Players are comparing the game to many other MMOs that pretty much all have a much wider variety of enemies to engage with. We at The Games Cabin agree, it would be nice to have more enemies in New World.

Faction Balance Strategy

Many players are very concerned about the faction balance in New World. If you don’t believe faction balance is going to be an issue, just search on Reddit for thread about faction balance. Here is a quick example of one fast search:

The issue with faction imbalance is that on some servers, the dominant faction grows and grows while the smaller factions dwindle and leave the server because they are not able to control much of the map.

Eventually this phenomenon leads to a server where one or two factions own all the regions and the other if left to dust. Even worse, some beta servers even had basically only one faction leading everything. This imbalance in New World leads to deteriorated PvP and world feel and players are calling for a fix.

Some players are suggesting locking joining a faction in game if its population is too high compared to other factions. Other players rightfully debate that would be a terrible idea because players who want to play with their friends will not be able to join up with them in the same faction.

Other options are if there are increased incentives for being on the smaller factions in New World. These could be increased experience rates, increased damage or defense or health to help them in PvP to overcome the stronger faction. Any of these type of handicaps would have to be implemented very carefully as they can affect the game negatively as well.

Turn Off Tracking Specific Things On The Compass

As you level up your gathering and tracking skills in New World, you unlock the ability the track certain animals or items. This is a great feature to the game as it helps you track down the resources you are looking for.

tracking new world

The issue with the current setup of this is that in beta, you cannot turn tracking features off in New World. A simple fix for this would be when opening your gathering or tracking area of your UI, if you click the type of tracking resource or animal, you should be able to toggle on or off tracking of it.

Adding this simple feature would mean you can take off all the turkeys, bunnies, etc. that you don’t want to see popping up on your compass all the time and focus on what you need.

Auction House Events In Chat in New World

Redditor HashiraObi posted a long list of suggestions for the game. Many players agree with most of his points. They key point he makes that we also agree with is having auction house events appear in the chat box.

Selling and buying items on the auction house in New World will be a big part of the game for some people. Many players play the game simply to see how much gold they can make, just like our guides on how to make gold in WoW.

A suggestion that HashiraObi has brought to the table is to see events like purchases and sales pop up in the chat when they occur, informing the player that something has been sold or purchased.

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Credit: HashiraObi Reddit User, Link Below

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